Welcome to the Kurun Warun Website

Acclaimed Aboriginal Artist and Musician,  Creator Of Authentic Aboriginal Art / Dot Art. You Can Shop And Buy Direct From The Artist On this site you will find the unique sights and sounds of indigenous Australia. The indigenous aboriginal people of Australia have a unique and vibrant culture which is voiced in their art, music and dance. Kurun Warun is no exception and expresses his culture through these three mediums with a vibrant energy in vivid colours and unforgettable sounds. This site is to showcase the aboriginal art and music of Kurun Warun, provide information about the artist and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a part of the culture of indigenous Aboriginal Australians. You can contact Kurun Warun via email or by phone if you would like to buy an authentic aboriginal dot painting, direct from the artist.

or Phone 61 7 5485 2183, Mobile 0409 493 478