The Music

This is Kurun Warun's first CD ‘Solo Didge’ (short for Didgeridoo). It is a compilation of contemporary and traditional tunes dedicated to the memory of Glen Poore, his late father-in-law.

With the exception of traditional sticks, the album features the unique sounds of the Didgeridoo, a uniquely indigenous Australian instrument. Kurun Warun thanks, acknowledges and respects the traditional songs and the custodians of them. The music was recorded at the Electric Bedland Studio, Eumundi, Queensland in 2000. You can hear 30 second sound bytes of some of the songs by clicking the appropriate links.

The CD is available for purchase by clicking the paypal link below or emailing Kurun Warun. Songs on the album are:

or Phone 61 7 5485 2183, Mobile 0409 493 478